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"The Egyptian Sibyl," monumental wire sculpture

"The Egyptian Sibyl," monumental wire sculpture

"Thirsts" wire sculpture, view two


"Thirsts" wire sculpture, detail

"Thirst" - Repurposed steel rods, 48"x92"x92"

"Thirst" is my first large scale metal work. It was commissioned by the town of Matha, France (near Cognac and Bordeaux). I was challenged to create a piece on the theme of the importance of water. Using reclaimed steel rods, I made an anamorphic sculpture of two faces, each face being built on two perpendicular and intersecting planes. One face shows a young boy drinking water -- his face lowered and his hands cupped. He is intently focused on the water pooled in his hands, enraptured with this new experience, of feeling thirst and its quenching. The other face shows an old man drinking water -- his face is stoically lifted towards the viewer, an anxiety in his eyes. His forehead is pleated with the wrinkles earned from his past experience. His hand brings the water to his mouth, but also covers it in an attitude of shock and concern for the fate of the younger.

As the two faces are built on two flat, perpendicular planes, as the viewer walks around the sculpture, one face slowly transforms into the other. The young boy will slowly turn into the old man, which will slowly morph back into the face of the young boy. The experience is repeated as the essential experiences of the generations are, over and over and over.