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Cairo Sketchbook -- "Grindstone"

"Grindstone" - Ink, 6.5"x4.5"


From 2011-2014, I lived in Cairo, Egypt. During that time, I saw three presidents come and go. I explored the country in all directions, from the remote oasis at Siwa to Fayoum, Luxor, Aswan and further south to the Sudanese border. I was stricken with injury in the Red Sea and couldn't walk for a week. I wandered through souks and markets, laughed with potters and metalworkers and farmers, and dodged taxis flying wildly through Cairo streets.

During this time, I kept a sketchbook where I wrote and drew, responding to the things that I saw, the utterances I heard, and ideas that I came across. It is a meditation on the people, the history, the culture, the social structure, and the theology of Egypt. In Arabic, Egypt is often called "Um al-Dunya," or "Mother of the World." After my time there, I can passionately agree that this is true.

Cairo Sketchbook -- "Pigeon House"

"Pigeon House" - Ink, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Pigeon House"

"Minaret in Day" - Ink and watercolor, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Pigeon House"

"Minaret at Night" - Ink and green highlighter, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Henna"

"Henna" - Ink, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Curtain'd, Numb'd"

"Curtain'd, Numb'd" - Marker, 9"x6.5"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Khidr"

"Khidr" - Ink, 9"x6.5"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Philosopher"

"Philosopher" - Ink & Highlighter, 6.5"x4.5"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Sandstorm"

"Sandstorm" - Pencil & Ink, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Zebiba"

"Zebiba" - Ink, 6.5"x4.5"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Siwan Women"

"Siwan Women" - Ink, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "November 20"

"November 20" - Ink, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "The Struggle for Illumination"

"The Struggle for Illumination" - Ink & Highlighter, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Woman Untombed"

"Woman Untombed" - Ink, 6.5"x4.5"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Woman Untombed"

"The Three Sapient Creations" - Graphite and colored pencil, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "Trashpile Divinity"

"Trashpile Divinity" - Ink, 6.5"x4.5"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "And The Rain Falls Incessantly"

"And The Rain Falls Incessantly" - Ink, 6.5"x9"



Cairo Sketchbook -- "And The Rain Falls Incessantly"

"The Tree of Life" - Ink, 6.5"x9"